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These earrings are made by Miho Nishikawa.

The very delicate and fine cutting and forging technique makes you feel very graceful when you look at them.

Since they are all handmade, each piece is slightly different in detail, and no two are exactly alike, so please enjoy your own one-of-a-kind item.

When purchasing, please carefully check the pictures of the designs that appear when you select (1) through (4) before making your purchase.

Material: Brass (body), silver (metal fittings)

Size: 2.7 to 4 cm (approx.)

Please understand that there are individual differences in size due to the handmade nature of all of our products.

All earrings come in an organza inner bag and box as shown in the photo, making them ideal for gift-giving.

Note; The body is made of brass and the metal fittings are made of silver. Since both brass and silver react with components in the air and tarnish, we recommend that you store them in a bag or something similar when not in use.

Also, a quick wash with an acidic solution such as citric acid or vinegar, or a polish with steel wool will make it shiny. Moisture will also discolor the product, so please wipe it off immediately if it gets wet. Please be careful not to apply excessive force to the body or needle part, as it may deform them.

Both brass and silver are softer metals than iron and other metals, so please handle them with care.

Miho Nishikawa

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