NORTA's goal is to introduce the beautiful traditional crafts and wonderful techniques of Japan, and especially of Ishikawa Prefecture, not only to the Japanese people but also to many people around the world.

NORTA plans, manufactures, and sells interior and miscellaneous goods that match modern lifestyles while incorporating traditional craft techniques.

We communicate directly with artists and craftsmen in the manufacturing process. Therefore, it is difficult to receive a large volume of orders in a short period of time, but we would like to actively reflect our customers' requests in the creation of our products. We would love to hear your opinions and requests about our products.

We also sell vintage Kutani ware and lacquerware that express the wonderful techniques and taste of our predecessors.

We would be happy if, by getting to know NORTA, people would also become aware of the charms of Ishikawa Prefecture itself and be inspired to actually visit the city.

Kanazawa City has history, culture, and a wide variety of crafts, and if you go a little further, you can be impressed by Kutani ware in Nomi City, be healed by Yamanaka Onsen and Kaga Onsen, and visit the Noto Peninsula, which is rich in nature. In the Noto region alone, Notojima, Suzu City, and Wajima City are rich in nature, each with its own charm. And, of course, there's the delicious food!

We look forward to your visit! 


Shuko Saeki


About Owner

After studying fashion design, Shuko moved to France, Paris and Italy, where she worked as an designer assistant. After working as a freelance designer for a casual brand and a wedding dress brand in New York, she returned to Tokyo.

After working as a product merchandiser for domestic apparel and Lacoste, she worked as a merchandiser for luxury brand Giorgio Armani.

Later, she worked for luxury brands such as Burberry, Dolce and Gabbana, Tory Burch, and Ferragamo as a director in charge of all categories.

In 2022, she opened the NORTA store in Kanazawa.