Corona, which had an impact on so many people this time, also gave me a chance to think about how I will live the next half of my life. Until now, I have been a fashionista, responsible for purchasing luxury brands from overseas for the Japanese market, and introducing wonderful things from overseas to Japanese customers. I am now determined to make a contribution to Japan, as a Japanese person even though just a small force.

Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka are well known as representative cities of Japan in the world, but there are so many other wonderful and attractive places in Japan. One of the most attractive areas is Ishikawa Prefecture.

I have always been fascinated by Kanazawa, but the more I learn about the area and the more I visit, the more I am fascinated by the truly wonderful attractions of Ishikawa Prefecture, not only Kanazawa City. (It's an ongoing process.)

Kanazawa City has history, culture, and a variety of craft techniques, and if you go a little further, you can be impressed by the Kutani pottery of Nomi city, be healed by Yamanaka Onsen and Kaga Onsen, and go to the Noto Peninsula, which is full of nature. In the Noto region alone, Notojima, Suzu City, Wajima City, etc., offer rich nature with its own charms. And, of course, great food.

In addition, many companies in Ishikawa Prefecture have excellent technologies, and even if they are small compared to national companies in Tokyo, they are all developing their own original products and engaging in friendly competition. The more I learn about these technologies and activities, the more exciting discoveries I make. As a Tokyo native, there are still many things I do not know about Ishikawa Prefecture, and I am sure I will discover many more attractions in the future, but this is exactly what I hoped the rest of the world would feel and know in the same way.

NORTA is a small business that I personally started, but with the cooperation of artists and companies in Ishikawa Prefecture, I hope to contribute to the first step of introducing their skills and sense of style to the world by creating and disseminating original products. We are not only grateful to the artists and companies that have supported and cooperated with us in this collaborative planning of new products, but we also take our hats off to them and are impressed by their ideas and the skills they have passed on to the next generation. I am also very grateful to the people at ISICO (Ishikawa Industrial Creation Support Organization) for their kindness and support throughout the process of starting my business.

All of this really cannot be expressed in words, and we hope that we can return the favor by introducing these products to the world as well, so that we can contribute to your future development in any way we can.

NORTA offers NORTA original products, all made in collaboration with artists and companies in Ishikawa Prefecture, as well as vintage Kutani-yaki products that express the wonderful taste of our predecessors. We hope that by placing these products in your daily life, you will be reminded of the history of the artists and crafts, and the land of Ishikawa Prefecture where they were born.

Almost all of NORTA's products are handmade, so no two are exactly alike, and each NORTA product is the result of the artist's ideas and thoughts. It is important to us that our customers find our products appealing, even if just a little, to see how much they tug at their heartstrings, and to feel the joy of being able to display them where they can be seen at any time. It is a kind of collector's sensibility. We hope that customers who are considering purchasing one of our products will appreciate that each piece is unique, and that they will understand that these products are not ready-made industrial products.

We hope that each time you see these products and works of art, you will think of the creator and of Ishikawa Prefecture, and we would be very happy if you would visit the site and experience the charm of this land.

NORTA Founder 

Shuko Saeki

June 2022