Vintage Kimono Cushion Cover Green and Peony


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A cushion cover made from a vintage kimono. We paid close attention to details such as the placement of the pattern and the color scheme of the piping.  It's all one of a kind.

It is a work with a noble image, elegantly and boldly drawn with pure white peonies on a green base.

Botan ( peony ); The peony has been called the "King of Hundred Flowers" since ancient times. In Japan, it has been used since ancient times to express the beauty of a woman, as "a peony when standing, a tree peony when sitting, and a lily when walking". Since ancient times, it has been used in arabesque patterns, and because of its large number of petals, it has been loved as a flower that symbolizes nobility, wealth, and beauty.

Size ; 45 x 45 cm

Material ; Silk

Care Instructions: Due to the delicate silk material, dry cleaning is recommended.

* Basically, we use items that are in good condition after cleaning, but we reuse vintage kimonos and obis, so please understand before purchasing.