Kutani vintage small flower design candle


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This is a Kutani teacup with a lid with a small flower pattern. This one is probably from the Showa period.

The pattern of red flowers and green vines is Japanese in style, but the way it is deformed and drawn is very chic. The flat shape of the lid also gives the candle a unique style.

This is NORTA's original idea for utilizing this product in a candle finish. Please note that all the contents of the candles are soy candles.

After the candles are finished, they can be used as objets d'art, accessory containers, or flower pots. You can also make your own candles again by utilizing the refills (these are massage oil candles), which are sold separately. We hope you will enjoy using them with various ideas.

Massage Oil Candle Refills - NORTA (nortajapan.com)

Two sizes are available.

Size M; diameter 6.8 cm (lid 7.5 cm) x height (including lid) approx. 9 cm

Weight: approx. 277g

Size S; diameter 6 cm (lid 7 cm) x height (including lid) approx. 7.5 cm

Weight: approx. 185 g

Please! There are no noticeable chips on this item, but it is a vintage item and may have some age-related stains, color gradation, black spots from firing, and roughness on the bottom that do not affect the vessel. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Please understand that we do not accept returns of vintage items for the above reasons.

*Please be careful to avoid burns during and immediately after use, as part of the container is thickened. Please do not leave the vicinity of the product while it is being lit. Be sure to extinguish before going to bed.