Massage Oil Candle ~ Doppoen ~ Black


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Available units: 10

These massage oil candles are made of naturally derived soy wax and almond oil. The vessel is made by Doppoen that was originally created for NORTA.

In contrast to the gorgeous beckoning cat, the charcoal black and dignified, beautiful white vessels are like the wabi-sabi of Japan, offering a quiet and peaceful time.

After spending a relaxing time with the fragrance and the healing power of the fire lit as a candle, you can massage with the melted oil. It is the perfect item for complete relaxation. Since this product is to be used on the body, we asked Matsukawa Chemical, a cosmetics manufacturing specialist, to develop and manufacture it in cooperation with us. (A small amount spreads very well, so please start with a small amount and adjust the amount accordingly)

After the candle is finished, you can use it as an objet d'art, a vase for displaying small wild flowers, or you can make your own candles again by using the refills (sold separately). We hope you will enjoy using the candles in a variety of ways.

This product comes in a wooden box, making it an ideal gift.

There are three scents: Sakura, Yuzu, and unscented, which you can add your favorite essential oil or other fragrance.

Candle ingredients ; shea butter, almond oil, hydrogenated soybean oil, beeswax, fragrance

Pottery size ; 7.5 cm (mouth diameter) x 8-8.5 cm (height) 

Capacity ; 100g 

 Please allow a few millimeters in size as all candles are handmade.

 Please do not leave the candles in high temperatures such as in the car or in the sun during the summer, as they will melt.

*Use with caution to avoid any skin problems. If the product does not agree with your skin, discontinue use.

Be careful not to burn yourself during or immediately after use, as part of the container is thickened. Do not leave the vicinity of the fire extinguisher while it is burning. Be sure to extinguish before going to bed.

Vessel production; Doppoen

This is the studio of Mr. Fujii, a potter on Notojima Island.

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