Art Panel Square (15cmx15cm), Sakura shell


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This is an art panel made of Japanese paper through which cherry blossom shells are made.

You will not believe that a three-dimensional cherry shell can be made into Japanese paper! I can't believe my eyes! It is a finish that draws you into a mysterious feeling.

Since each panel contains a random cherry shell, you can arrange several panels as if they were dancing cherry blossoms.

Size; 15 x 15 cm 

Each piece is handmade with natural plants and dyed by hand, so no two are exactly alike. Please enjoy finding your one and only panel in the world.

Please be mindful of the delicate finish of these handmade panels, which are made of natural materials. Please remove any dust from the panels while they are on display by gently dabbing them with a light dust remover, such as a quick cleaner.